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Medaloo themes and template HTML5

New way

to create VERY FAST web sites

Taste Italian style for your new web adventure

Themes and templates designed for developers... & more.


Coming soon

Online Test

Online Test 95%

Check and verify all published files online. Technical testing and optimization of performance and speed. Validation of the code. Bug fixes.

Realtime progress

Release soon

Medaloo is theme for web site and developers.

Life’s too short for ordinary theme.

Coming soon


Perfect for customization, easy and well commented code, light and fast, readable and modern design style, ready for your new site.

  • Perfect menu
  • Easy for customization
  • Pure Bootstrap
  • Lightweight and fast code
  • Excellent supporting documentation

Many templates for:

Home page, Landing page, Site sections, Blog and Portfolio

Other activities

To do: documentation

Documentation + support site

Support 99%

Completed: theme files

All theme files have been created and verified.

Theme 100%: GOAL

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MEDALOO Corporate Themes & Medaloo.com

by Marco Michelangeli - www.marcomichelangeli.it

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